CHLGA League Game Survey Summary

Question #1:  The vast majority of ladies, 66% are Very Satisfied or Somewhat Satisfied with the games.  As compared to 9% that are Unsatisfied or Very Unsatisfied.  Comments were mixed between wanting more teamgames and some liking the individual games.

Question#2:  A majority of the ladies like the Magnolia Cup, 49%; while 15% are unsatisfied.  HOWEVER, only 34% want to keep both Ace ofAces and Magnolia Cup, and only 6% say keep only Magnolia cup.  Comments seem to focus on the inability to be competitive if you can’t play each time the game is scheduled.

Question#3:  A majority of ladies,57%, like the Ace of Aces compared with 12% who do not. This is consistent with 40% of ladies who say keep only Ace of Aces.  Comments are negative regarding the game, however, that doesn’t correspond with the rating of the game. 

This is very valuable data for the next league game director.  It gives us a great benchmark on the games we like to play.  

You can download the full survey results and comments by clicking on the download link.  The website software has been updated, and I have tried to incorporate all the results, but after 4 hours, I’ve given up!