of Officers and Volunteers

President – Jan Schwarz

Vice President – Barbara Beck

Secretary – Dorothy Ammerman

Treasurer – Pat Friedman

Past President –Helen Forte

League Play Director – Becky Holland

Membership Director – Mary Bodenheim

Volunteer Team Members:

Web-Site Manager – Johanne Moyes

Sunshine News – Helene Reed

Ringer Challenge – Jackie Dziekan

Most Improved Player – Virginia Romiti

Invitational – None scheduled

Chit Recorders – Becky Holland/Judy Stone

Publicity – Virginia Romiti

M/G Subsidy Program – Barbara Beck/Helene Reed

Greens Committee – Jeannette Mazzone/Becky Holland

Solheim Teams –Cheryl Massey and Kathy Stefani

Guest Invitational – March, 2020 – Kathy Stefani

Guys & Dolls – Ileen Zavoda and Marti Jones

Member Guest – 2021 – Kathy Stefani

Holiday Luncheon – Elizabeth D’Andrea and Jan Schwarz

Member/Member – Barb Beck and Jan Schwarz

50/50 Raffle – Helene Reed/Barbara Beck