This website is updated before the 10th of each month to reflect chits earned during the previous month.

The report shown below was posted on November 9, 2022. It reports the chits earned during May-October, 2022 as well as the Pro Shop Credit earned by each member. This is the final update for the first 6 months of play during the 2022-2023 season. The worth of a chit calculated by our Board is $1.37 per.

Please remember that you are also responsible for the accuracy of this report. Judy Stone and Becky Holland track and record as diligently as possible. Plus they conduct periodic audits to insure accuracy.

Throughout the season we welcome feedback from members who believe a recording mistake has occurred. If you think your results are inaccurate, please contact us. We will verify and correct. Thanks for your help.

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PlayerCHITSEAGLESHIOEalesQ'd AofAPro Shop Credit
Agnew, Candy10000013.7
Ammerman, Dorothy6000Q8.22
Beck, Barbara24000032.88
Bockiaro, Gail12000016.44
Bodenheim, Mary10000013.7
Bognar, Dee000000
Butler, Julie000000
Chung, Eugene000000
Clayton, Linda8000010.96
Crowley, Peg600008.22
D'Andrea, Elizabeth000000
Dziekan, Jackie32000Q43.84
Feldberg, Henny10000013.7
Friedman, Pat10000013.7
Henderson, Janice38000Q52.06
Holland, Becky30000041.1
Holley, Dawn10000013.7
Jones, Marti14010019.18
Keen, Barbara4000Q5.48
Kim, Lily52000Q71.24
Kim, Sung Ja54000Q73.98
Lawrence, IvaLee34000Q46.58
Lindsey, Brenda26000Q35.62
Massey, Cheryl4000Q5.48
McCabe, Marnie32000Q43.84
McDanel, Anne8000010.96
Messina, JoAnn000000
Palma, Stacey18000Q24.66
Phillips, Kim18000024.66
Randall, Georgia16000021.92
Reed, Helene52010Q71.24
Robertson, Sherry48000Q65.76
Rodriguez, Nelia18000Q24.66
Romiti, Virginia44010Q60.28
Schwarz, Jan400005.48
Sia, Bernadette10000013.7
Stefani, Kathy000000
Stone, Judy000000
Trosborg, Eva000000
Walker, Paula22000Q30.14
Welch, Ginny28000038.36
Wolf, Julie12000Q16.44
Zavoda, Ileen42000Q57.54
Zehring, Carole22000Q30.14
League Total788030191079.56