This website is updated before the 10th of each month to reflect chits earned during the previous month.

The report shown below was posted on January 10, 2022.  It is an account of chits earned in the second half of our season beginning in November.

You can also verify qualification for the final Ace of Aces tournament.

Please remember that you are also responsible for the accuracy of this report. Judy Stone and Becky Holland track and record as diligently as possible. Plus they conduct periodic audits to insure accuracy.

Throughout the season we welcome feedback from members who believe a recording mistake has occurred. If you think your results are inaccurate, please contact us. We will verify and correct. Thanks for your help.

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Agnew, Candy14000
Ammerman, Dorothy000Q
Beck, Barbara6000
Bockiaro, Gail1000Q
Bodenheim, Mary10000
Burns, Susan0000
Butler, Julie0000
Chung, Eugene10000
Crowley, Peg1000Q
D'Andrea, Elizabeth0000
Dziekan, Jackie200Q
Feldberg, Henny0000
Friedman, Pat800Q
Geyer, Fran0000
Haight, Jeannie000Q
Holland, Becky600Q
Jaojoco, Cita0000
Jones, Marti6000
Keen, Barbara0000
Kim, Lily12000
Kim, Sung Ja2400Q
Laskowski, Pat2000
Lawrence, IvaLee000Q
Lindsey, Brenda000Q
Massey, Cheryl600Q
Mazzone, Jeannette0000
McCabe, Marnie000Q
McDanel, Anne4000
Messina, JoAnn000Q
O'Connor.-Roys, Nan0000
Randall, Georgia1000Q
Reed, Helene2000Q
Robertson, Sherry000Q
Rodriguez, Nelia4100
Romiti, Virginia1000Q
Schwarz, Jan0000
Sia, Bernadette400Q
Stefani, Kathy000Q
Stone, Judy4000
Taverna, Debbie0000
Trosborg, Eva0000
Welch, Ginny1600Q
Wolf, Julie4000
Zavoda, Ileen000Q
Zehring, Carole600Q