Magnolia Cup – the Magnolia cup is a season long Individual Point Quota game loosely based on the Fed Ex Cup/CME Cup model. All members compete within flights to win their “Cup” at the end of the season. At least 3 places will be paid within each flight. Points are accumulated based on gross scores by hole. Players must reach their point requirement (which is determined based on your handicap) before counting plus points. This game will only count the cumulative total of plus points. Games where a player scores minus points will count as 0 for that game.

Flights for the 2021-2022 Magnolia Cup competition are based on your handicap index as of May 1, 2021. You will remain in this flight for the entire season; however, as your handicap changes so do the number of points you need to earn.  The link below was generated using Golf Genius and shows which flight, based on your handicap index, you fall into.

PlayerHC June 1JuneAugustOctoberDecemberFebruaryAprilTotal
Agnew, Candy17.30331117
Beck, Barbara16.414061131
Dziekan, Jackie13.66771030
Haight, Jeannie16.3087823
Jones, Marti15.61949840
Laskowski, Pat17.24711123
Lawrence, IvaLee14.640004
Lindsey, Brenda13.91207221
Reed, Helene 12.50081826
Stefani, Kathy12.4061310
Burns, Susan20.400099
Crowley, Peg17.600000
Holland, Becky17.503205
McCabe, Marnie21.2881522
Randall, Georgia22.71102922
Schwarz, Jan19.3553013
Stone, Judy19.500011
Trosborg, Eva19.90001313
Wolf, Julie20.300000
Zavoda, Ileen20.104004
Zehring, Carole180811322
Ammerman, Dorothy24.810001
Bodenheim, Mary24470011
Butler, Julie24.300000
Friedman, Pat23.910017532
Kim, Lily26.35111724
Massey, Cheryl2620002
McDanel, Anne23.200000
Connor-Roys, Nan24.80011011
Messina, JoAnn25.900000
Robertson, Sherry26.505005
Rodriguez, Nelia251100011
Sia, Bernadette25.33001215
Bockiaro, Gail35.61016320
Chung, Eugene28.400404
D'Andrea, Elizabeth29.903047
Debbie Taverna33.200000
Feldberg, Henny31.905005
Geyer, Fran29.31610017
Jaojoco, Cita29.300000
Keen, Barbara34.22011215
Kim, Sung Ja31.21048628
Mazzone, Jeannette27.320002
Romiti, Virginia30.51103014