ON GOING May 1st – April 30th

Ace of Aces is an individual low gross/low net game. First and second low gross and first and second low net scorers in each flight qualify in 6 bi-monthly rounds for the final tournament which is held in April. For the final tournament, qualified players are assigned to flights using handicap indexes which are current as of the date of play. First place winners in each flight in the April competition are awarded double chits. Ties are broken in the qualifying rounds as well as the final tournament using the Standing Rule.

The Magnolia Cup, played 6 times during season in alternating months with Ace of Aces, is an individual point quota game based loosely on the Fed Ex Cup/CME Cup model where points are accumulated based on gross scores by hole. In each individual round, players must reach a quota point requirement which is determined by individual handicaps. Upon reaching that plateau, all points accrued in the round are plus. This cumulative game tallies the total of plus points so if a player does not reach quota during a round her cumulative score will reflect a zero for that round. Once flights are established on May 1 the player does not change flights even though handicap indexes increase or decrease. The number of quota points required per round may fluctuate based on individual handicaps. Chits are awarded at end of season following our policy of paying ¼ of the field. Ties are broken using the Standing Rule.

Our Hole-in-One program which extends through the last day of season awards a cash bonus of $100.00 to members who make that perfect shot during league play. Per League bylaws the Hole-in-One is official even though the game in progress was cancelled providing the player has not withdrawn or been disqualified.

The Eagle Good Shot program awards the player a $10.00 bonus which is paid in chits in the regularly scheduled pay out. Per League bylaws the Eagle is official even though the game in progress was cancelled providing the player has not withdrawn or been disqualified.

The Ringer Challenge, a tournament which tracks your best gross score on each hole, begins on your first day of play. Hole by hole scores are compared weekly until you achieve the lowest possible gross score. On your first day of play you will receive yellow and blue Challenge Cards which are used to record gross scores. Another blue Challenge Card will be available every Tuesday morning. The Challenge Coordinator retrieves all blue cards for audit purposes every 2 weeks; therefore, your updated, signed, attested and dated blue card should be placed into the small storage box in the Pro Shop within two weeks after date of play. The yellow card becomes your point of reference from your first day of play. As of October 2019, a player who withdraws or is disqualified may not record any scores for that round in the Ringer Challenge. If a game is called for official reasons by the Board or Pro Shop scores up to that point may be recorded unless the player withdrew or was DQ’d prior to cancellation. The final Aces of Aces tournament is the last event in which Ringers can be recorded. Each member is then assigned to a flight based on their April 15th handicap index. One low gross winner awarded in each flight earns double chits.

The Most Improved Player is determined by comparing each golfer’s handicap index on May 1 to their handicap index at the conclusion of the final Ace of Aces tournament. To be considered for MIP, you must be a league member on May 1st. The MIP coordinator uses an approved USGA formula to determine the winner.

The Member/Guest Subsidy Fund 50/25/25 Raffle is held on the first Tuesday of each month to collect money to subsidize the cost of the bi-annual Member/Guest Tournament. This program was established as a means to curtail the ever-increasing cost of the entry fee while still providing the funds to adequately fete our guests. Members purchase raffle tickets upon arrival and the drawing takes place soon afterward. The Treasury receives 50% of the proceeds while 2 lucky members share the remaining 50%. Winning the raffle is a great way to start your day!


The Holiday Luncheon and General Business Meeting usually follows play on the last day of the two-week Partner Ringer Challenge. Although the event is festive, the meeting itself takes precedence over decorations, door prizes and other elements that are often involved in invitational tournaments. The 2018-2019 sitting Board approved a motion allowing the Holiday Luncheon event coordinator to request an allowance of up to $50.00 which, upon Board approval, can be allotted from the Member/Guest Subsidy Fund. Additionally, the Coordinator is sanctioned to add up to $2.00 per member to the cost of lunch to further subsidize the event. The event committee is encouraged to sponsor a raffle during the event to recoup the money disbursed from the Member/Guest Subsidy Fund.

Our Guys and Gals Tournament gives each member a chance to invite a male partner to accompany them on the golf course for a best ball format. The partner must have a certifiable handicap in GHIN or other acceptable handicap system. This non-subsidized event usually has a theme that is carried throughout the sign-in process, sometimes even on the course and during luncheon. The entrance fee for the Guys and Gals tournament covers prize money, the luncheon and miscellaneous items such as decorations. Chits are not earned for this event. Following Board approval in 2020, the winners receive pro shop credit which is posted to individual accounts immediately after the event. Each tournament coordinator should attempt to keep the cost of the event to a minimum by recognizing that our male guests do not enjoy some of the frou-frou stuff females enjoy. Door prizes and give-aways are not encouraged although our guests seem to enjoy the excitement of a money tree.


The Member/Guest Tournament gives all members the chance to invite their favorite female golfer(s) to join them for a day on the course followed by lunch, frivolities and all the trappings of an invitational tournament. The partner(s) must have a certifiable handicap either in GHIN or an acceptable handicap system. The cost of this bi-annual event which is held during even numbered years is supplemented by the Member/Guest Subsidy Fund. The Member/Guest Committee is convened at least 6 months prior to the event and planning is intensive. The Committee manages all aspects of the event including invitations, sign-up, lunch, tee gifts, facilities, decorations and cost of entry fee. The League Play Director works closely with the Committee Chair to manage all aspects of the golf game including prize money, flights and game format. This themed event gives CHLGA an opportunity to shine, to impress and to show our stuff. We strive to make this day a proud time for members and a fun time for guests.

Update 07/17/2020 to reflect Board decision regarding pro shop credit for Guys & Gals event