1.  All League play will be governed by the USGA Rules of Golf and the USGA World Handicap System utilizing the GHIN system.  Guests invited to participate in any  CHLGA sponsored event are required to have a verifiable or GHIN handicap before approval for participation is granted.
  2. Members must utilize the Club’s Golf Genius electronic sign-up system.  Players must sign up for Tuesday play by noon on Monday unless advised otherwise by the League Play Director.
  3. Tee time is 9:00am every Tuesday unless otherwise posted.
  4. If a player must cancel, she can do so on the Golf Genius Portal up until noon on Monday or she must notify the pro shop staff at (352)746-4425 before 8:30 am on Tuesday.
  5. Check-in begins at 8:30am and ends at 9:00 am.  Any member who has not signed in with the League Play Director or called the pro shop staff at (352)746-4425 to advise of tardiness will be removed from the day’s play roster.  Pairings information and scorecards will be given to players before they proceed to the course.
  6. Two correct, dated, legible and signed scorecards must be submitted to the Pro Shop at the end of the round.  An incorrect or incomplete scorecard submitted by an individual or team is grounds for disqualification.
  7. CHLGA pays ¼ of the playing field.  Weekly chits are paid as follows: 1st place 6; 2nd place, 4; 3rd place, 2; 4th/5th place, 1.
  8. All ties in all regular play day games and all tournament/events will be broken by a match of cards as described in item 9 of the Standing Rules.  Exceptions to this policy may be made by the Committee to accommodate any game where scoring does not adhere to USGA rules; ie, games that allow players, at their discretion, to ignore the score on selected holes.
  9. Breaking Ties:  Ties will be broken in each flight by match of cards following the guidelines established by the USGA Appendix 1, Section 11(c).  An accepted method for matching cards is to determine the winner on the basis of the best score for the back 9 holes.  If tying players have the same score for the back nine holes, determine the winner on the basis of the last six holes, last three holes and the last hole. Should scores remain tied, go to the lowest handicap hole on the front nine as the tie breaker, then next in a sudden death style until the results can be determined.
  • Breaking Ties Progression: 
    • Determine 1st low gross – using tie breaker as needed.  Winner of 1st low gross is then removed from any further prize consideration.
    • Determine 1st low Net next – using tie breaker as needed.  Winner of 1st Net is then removed from any further prize consideration
    • Determine 2nd low Gross ( if being awarded) in the same manner as above, using tie breaker as needed
    • Determine 2nd low Net (and any additional net prizes being awarded) in the same manner as above, using tie breaker as needed.
  1. In competition, actual gross scores are recorded on score cards. For handicapping and posting purposes, scores will be adjusted to reflect the World Handicap System of Net Double Bogey. Add two (Net Double Bogey) to the par for the hole. Then add the number of handicap strokes you receive on the hole to arrive at the score you will record.
  2. The worth of a chit is determined by the amount of money in the budget at the end of a six month playing cycle.
  3. Eagles are worth $10.00. Awards are paid in cash at the fall and spring general meetiings. Monies are deducted from the “Hole in One/Eagle” budget line.
  4. Chits, payable every six months, are reported to the Pro Shop by the 15th of November and May.
  5. First place winners in the events listed below are awarded double chits.  Games a, b and c listed below are posted as Tournament play.
    • a. Ace of Aces final Tournament
    • b. CHLGA Cup Tournament (2 week event)
    • c. Individual Ringer Tournament (2 week event)
    • d. Member/Member Event
    • e. Most Improved Player
    • f. Ringer Challenge

  1. If the Hole in One fund falls below $300.00 at season’s end, an additional $5.00 fee will be added to the annual dues of $65.00. The $5.00 fee will always be added to the dues for first time members.  The maximum payout for a hole in one is $100.00.  If there are multiple holes in one, each member will receive $100.00, unless the total cumulative number exceeds the fund total.  If that occurs, then the fund will be equally divided amongst those members who made holes in one.  If the $5.00 assessment is insufficient to bring the fund to $300.00, then each member will be equally assessed an amount sufficient to bring the fund back to $300.00.
  2. Players are advised to complete a round in 4 hours.  Members are to maintain a pace of play that keeps them directly behind the players in front of them.  If a hole is open, the foursome must split into twosomes until the space has been eliminated and then rejoin into a foursome.  Any player in the foursome has the responsibility to instigate the split.   Example:  When a hole is open in front of your foursome, any two players in the foursome who are sharing a cart putt out first and proceed to the next hole to play as a twosome until the space has been eliminated and the other twosome catches up, which typically occurs within the next couple of holes.  Then, rejoin as a foursome and share scores recorded while playing in twosomes so each score card is again identical.  If a foursome fails to break up when they are a hole behind, the group behind them has the right to request they do so.
  3. Flights will be determined each week based on participation.  An attempt will be made to keep a 10 point handicap spread within the flights.
    • # of Players                                                     # of Flights
    • 0-12 of players                                               1
    • 13-24                                                                2
    • 25-37                                                                3
    • 38 or more                                                      4

  1.  In any league game when partners are self-selected, there can be no more than a 10 stroke difference between the handicaps of each player.  If a player’s partner has more than a 10 stroke differential, the player with the higher handicap will lose the number of strokes required to bring it to only 10 strokes above the lower handicap of her playing partner.
  2. In any point quota game, players with handicaps above 33 will have a quota of 4 points.
  3. If 13 holes are completed, a score for an 18-hole round must be posted.  The score entered for holes not played is par of the hole plus any handicap strokes to which the player is entitled.
  4. In any league sponsored 2-player, multiple week event, partners must be identified prior to start of play on the first day.  In the event a player cannot play one of the weeks and the players choose to remain a team, the partners may recruit a substitute to participate in either weeks play.  Score of the substitute player will not be included in the final event score.  Both members of the original team must play together at least once during the 2 week event.  Failure to follow these rules will result in disqualification.
  5. In the event of illness, injury or the death of an immediate family member the Sunshine Chairperson will send an appropriate card to the member.
  6. Local Rule:  On Oaks #5 and #14, during league play, a provisional ball may be hit if the player cannot determine if the ball cleared the hazard.  The player must announce that she is hitting a provisional ball.
  7. Unless the game determines otherwise, players are required to play to their World Handicap System number before picking up.
  8. The League President will approve plans for the social aspects of the events, including any fundraising and expenditures. The League Play Director will run all games for the league including the special events.  The Special Event Committee will coordinate with the League Game Director regarding the format, flighting and prize allocations. 
  9. A line item will be added to the Treasurer’s report to track income and expenditures as reported by the Committee for every Special Event.
  10. The Special Event Committee(s) will be encouraged to run a 50/50 raffle on the day of their event to help recoup the money spent and to add additional funds to the Member/Guest Subsidy Program.
  11. Changes to On-Going Events and Special Events policies or procedures require approval by the Board of Directors.
  12. In the Individual Ringer Tournament a player will be considered in the competition even if personal circumstances prevent her from playing both weeks. If a player leaves the course during week one play for any reason and the game is not cancelled the holes played may be used in her second week score. If a player leaves the course during week two for any reason and the game is not cancelled she must have a complete 18 hole ringer score to be considered in the competition.
  13. All coquina laid on the course by management for the maintenance or beautification purposes will be considered a freedrop area during league play. The player may lift the ball and drop it from knee height no closer to the hole.

Update 07/17/2020 to reflect World Handicap System scoring

Update 11/18/2020 to add SR regarding Individual Ringer Tournament