CHLGA Policy for Philanthropy Projects

May 2021

The Board of Directors has adopted the following philosophy and procedures for accepting proposals for philanthropic projects by the CHLGA:

  1. CHLGA supports individual member’s philanthropic projects.
  2. The following guidelines are to be used when proposing a project to the board:
    1. A written proposal will be presented to the board by the individual(s) who intend to organize a specific event.
    2. No funding from CHLGA dues will be used for the purpose of organizing or running an event.
    3. The focus of philanthropic events will be on families, women and/or children.
    4. The written proposals will include a description of the amount of time that will be devoted to the event. There will be a limit of one project a year, and that project will not exceed 4 weeks in duration.
    5. We will allow the use of the website to inform members of the project, as well as time during regular Tuesday meetings. The written proposal may include, in final format, information they wish to have posted on the website.
    6. The written proposal will include details of the organization to receive funding/items, including their purpose and any other funding sources.
    7. We will not accept religious based organizations as they already have a support base.
    8. We will focus on local organizations within Citrus County.
  3. The written proposal will indicate who is responsible for overseeing the project, if there will be a committee, and what will be asked of the members, as well as a detailed is plan for implementation. It will be the responsibility of the member(s) who propose any project to complete all aspects of the plan.
  4. It is recommended that upon completion of the project, the plan sponsor report final results to the membership regarding the success of the project.

Suggested groups (not limited to):

Family Resource Center

CASA (spouse abuse)

First Tee

Local schools-elementary, middle, high

Breast Cancer

Girl’s golf teams